The Best Cities for Kids' Activities

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Whether you're looking at moving to a new city or just exploring some areas of the country you've never seen, there are some really great attractions for kids all over. Of course you want to hit the "biggies" - Disney World, Disneyland and the various points in between - but there are some great family-friendly cities that offer entertainment for the whole family, and perhaps a little education as well. The Washington, D.C., area offers the best of both worlds. The Smithsonian is a behemoth of a museum that offers something for every interest, whether it's natural history, air and space, art, or anything else, the whole family can have a good time touring and noting landmarks in the area. For some family fun and history, head down to Williamsburg, just a couple hours' south of D.C., where you can have a great time at water parks and Busch Gardens, plus tour Colonial Williamsburg, which is like stepping into a history book.